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Instead of the Greenvalley Festival of Bluegrass Music, we are planning a Bluegrass Day as a result of COVID_19. All Swiss bluegrass musicians are cordially invited to the outdoor stage for 30 minutes. To give a concert for a collection. The concert will be amplified minimally (central mic and bass amplifier). There is also overnight accommodation for campers and / or hitchhikers because we want to offer a jam platform for musicians from Friday to Sunday, of course with the prevailing measures such as distance etc ...

So that we can organize everything well, we depend on your binding registrations! Despite Corona, let's have a great musical weekend.


Important news about Bluegrass Day of June 20, 2020

We can only let in 200 people. In order to ensure the traceability required by the federal government, every visitor must be in possession of a valid ticket. NO ADMISSION WITHOUT THIS TICKET!

We from the OK are very sorry that the implementation is a little more complicated than expected, but we are sure that we can experience a great musical day.

Here is the link to the tickets. Several can be reserved at once; all people simply have to be recorded individually.

Thank you very much for your understanding and your help!

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